No. 10…last one


If the sun wants to blaze
You best let it
Let it leather your neck
Bleach your cover
Scorch your ground

Don’t curse your G-d
Make a fist to the Owner
Of whose land you’ve leased
The rain will come, at least
That’s what I have found

In Heaven, where the weather
Is never spoke to curse
Fertile ground my home
Every seed dispersed
Blessed to be sown

And when I die, they will talk
About me like a myth
And my children make new roots
In land they called my own
Like Heaven, like loam

No. 9

Earth Days

Go on now
Plant a tree
The green Earth
Is starting to look grey
So rather than debate its age
Maybe you should try
To keep it in shape
My mother taught me
To keep my room clean
And I like to keep my Mother happy
If you know what I mean.