Here comes No. 3. Boss Bad.

Boss Bad

Philly never gave me nothin’
‘Cept parking tickets
And this life sentence
Down since 1973
So long the free world
Has lacked my presence

But my lady
She still writes me
And “rights me” if you know what I mean
Knowed her since the ‘50’s
When wifey up and died without me
Chicky was back on my scene

Her letters and the law
Law of love! You grow
You KNOW law of men
Pro Se all the way!
‘Cause the man has got his foot on my neck
Since I been locked up, since BEFORE then

And in my dreams, I litigate
So debonair that the cats just free me
To eat the best cheese steak I ever had
And I wake from my bed’s only side
Any day in this place, don’t ask me
‘Cause I’m always doin’ boss bad

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