New venue this weekend, 100% anxiety

I find myself playing out less and less. My thought is that it’s the massive amount of anxiety when one tries to connect with an audience by herself with a couple instruments and a dry sense of humor…did I mention all by myself? I haven’t felt that way since I started playing out 15 years ago. It’s also that the welcoming venues are becoming more and more scant for folksingers like me. Plus, Lancaster gives much┬áto be desired in the way of what I’ve found of a music community. (I’d love to be proved wrong!) I also am farther away from the music┬ápals I adore and respect, and vice versa. I miss you, Doug! If I had some of them here, I’d probably be gigging more because I’d be sharing that anxiety than I know some of them make use of better than I do.

So, here’s an invite to have a beer with me this Saturday. I’ve heard great things about Columbia Kettle Works from fellow musicians, songwriters at that. I have songs and I want you to hear them. I’ve been there for a beer before, just outside of Lancaster. It was tasty as hell. I may be better off at home playing on the interwebs, but I refuse to let that human connection that is folk music completely die in me, especially in this times. This is not a manifesto. I just haven’t seen my therapist in a while.

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